Eastern Guruma Pastoral Company


Gibb River Station - animalsGibb River Station

Eastern Guruma Pastoral Company’s vision is to partner with existing Aboriginal Owned Pastoral stations to build a collaborative Northern WA Indigenous Pastoral value chain.

At the core of this new business model is the desire to return Aboriginal people to the pastoral industry they helped build and to redevelop the properties into productive commercial operations.

Building on a successful business model in the civil contracting and landscaping arena Eastern Guruma will provide the working capital and management systems to help redevelop the properties to commercial operations as a priority to develop management capability and provide sustainable employment on each property.

The properties will be run as separate operating businesses, but as part of a larger value chain, enabling greater efficiencies and returns through an integrated approach to beef production.

This will be achieved through providing working capital to redevelop the herds and infrastructure, and with the help of some of the best brains in the industry generating greater value from each animal produced.

As the projects are bedded down and operating well, Eastern Guruma are keen to talk to other groups and potential partners to further expand the supply chain.

Gibb River Station - gorge

Gibb River Station - aerial