East Perth Women's Football Club

Eastern Guruma is a major sponsor of East Perth Women’s football club and the Kirby Bentley cup which supports young Indigenous girls to play football.

The East Perth Women’s Football Club has started off the season with a successful season launch held on the 25th of March at Medibank Stadium. The evening was well received by guests and VIP sponsors. We introduced our league side, reserve and Rogers Cup teams which now makes a complete football path way for all females wanting to play football.

Kirby Bentley Cup

The annual Kirby Bentley Cup was held on the 3rd of March 2017 at Lighting Park and was another success to see a huge turnout of young Indigenous girls playing football. Congratulations East Perth Kirby Bentley team who came away with the win and was presented with a trophy.

Well done to Kristen Nelson the coach, Mavis Lyndon for best on ground and the East Perth Kirby Bentley Girls!

                                                                   East Perth Football Jumpers

Wickham Men's Darts

Eastern Guruma has sponsored the Wickham Men's Darts Team providing team shirts.

             Men's Darts  Men's Darts 2