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Eastern Guruma NT

Eastern Guruma has recently extended its operations into the Northern Territory trading as Eastern Guruma NT (EGNT). The business is currently operating from an office in the Paspalis Centrepoint Building in Darwin pursing remote civil and building opportunities in the Northern Territory, with a focus on remote community housing and roadworks opportunities. EGNT plan to use existing Eastern Guruma project expertise and business systems whilst providing genuine opportunities for local community employees to become involved in an Aboriginal owned company.

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Eastern Guruma Pastoral Company

June 23, 2017  |   Eastern Guruma  |   General

Eastern Guruma Pastoral Company (EGPC) is an Aboriginal owned and operated company established by the traditional owners Eastern Guruma, whose land surrounds Tom Price in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Building upon successful business models within the resources industry, Eastern Guruma established its Pastoral Company to develop the vision of creating opportunities for Aboriginal people in the pastoral industry.

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Pilbara Aboriginal Investments (PAI)

May 24, 2017  |   Eastern Guruma  |   General

Pilbara Aboriginal Investments (PAI), also known as the Services Division of Eastern Guruma is just one avenue that has, for the past few months, broadened our scope of capabilities and works, as well as provided continual opportunities for growth.

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Silvergrass East Roadworks Project

May 9, 2017  |   Eastern Guruma  |   General

Eastern Guruma’s new contract at Rio Tinto’s Silvergrass Mine will see the construction of a 2.8km all weather sealed road to enable light vehicle access to and from Jerriwah village to the Rio Tinto Site offices. The project scope also requires construction of an overland conveyor tunnel from precast concreate units within scheduled shutdown period to minimise disruption to mining activities.

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